Globus Search CLI

A command-line tool for interacting with Globus Search.

Provides the globus-search command.


At a future date, we hope to incorporate this functionality into the globus-cli. At that time, support for this tool will be dropped.


You must have Python 3.6+ and pip installed. There are no other requirements.


pip install globus-search-cli

Install for Production Usage

If you plan to use globus-search-cli in a production environment or workflow, it is strongly recommended that you pin the exact version you are using while it is in beta.

For example,

pip install 'globus-search-cli==0.7.0'


globus-search --help


pip uninstall globus-search-cli

Bugs, Feature Requests, and Issues

All issue tracking is done in the open Globus Search CLI issue tracker.